There is not a standard Brompton model because nothing Brompton build is standard: every bike is built by hand from scratch right here in England. There are three types of Brompton, with different handlebar styles designed for different styles of riding and use. The many variations possible with a custom-built bespoke order are detailed in this page under the Brompton Builder section.

A key feature of the Brompton is the compactness and practicality of its fold. With a little practice, this is achieved without any difficulty in 10 - 20 seconds. The dimensions of the folded bike are: 585mm high x 545mm long x 270mm wide (22.2" x 21.5" x 10.6").

When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that the bike will unfold - reassuring when running for a train or handing it to a cloakroom attendant!

We keep all models of Brompton’s in stock, please contact us to arrange a test ride.


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