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So your child is ready for his or her first bike. You want your child to be safe whilst learning to ride a proper bicycle, the Puky Z2 bike is the answer. With low step through for easy and safe access, scaled down, light pressure adjustable caliper brake lever on the front wheel and a back pedal brake for the rear. Back pedal brakes ensure that your child can stop easily. When they are small the hands are still relatively weak, so by using the European style back pedal brake your child uses his or her leg strength by pedaling backwards to stop easily. As with all Puky cycles this bike will have a very long life, with a little tlc and consideration over the years. Puky bikes carry ten years of spares for all vehicles in the range and the same applies to the Puky Z2 bike.

  • Frame material: Ball bearing square axle drive with low step through
  • Rims: Aluminium rims
  • Tyres: Pneumatic cross tyres 60-203
  • Brake calipers: Back pedal brake hub, caliper brake
  • Handlebar: Safety handlebar grips
  • Pedals: Front and back reflectors
  • Mudguards: Plastic edge protection on front mudguard
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