Our Workshop

Bike Repairs and Maintenance in Oxford

We run the busiest, best equipped and most experienced cycle workshop in the city, employing 10 full time mechanics.

Although we repair and build numerous of bikes a year, we take great pride in the quality and consistency of our work and aim to deliver the best service in the county too.

We maintain a modern, fully equipped workshop, staffed by accredited, experienced mechanics and provide apprentice schemes for the next generation of mechanics.

We are Oxford’s only authorised Shimano Service, providing and exceeding service levels across the range Shimano products.

As well as numerous years of experience, our technicians are also trained to the highest industry standard; Cytech Level 3 certified master technicians. This includes a competent knowledge of the latest cycling technology, including e-bikes, electronic gears and the detailed inner workings of road, mountain bike, gravel and commuting componentry.

cytech master technician
BOSCH eBike Expert
Shimano Service Centre

Our Service Plans

Safety Check – The 75 Point Check

A detailed safety check for your bike. 

Recommended twice annually for the occasional to semi-regular cyclist.

  • Brakes checked and adjusted
  • Drivetrain and gear systems checked for wear, adjusted and lubricated
  • Wheel rims and spokes inspected for damage and wear
  • Frame & Forks checked for stress and damage
  • Bearings checked for play and adjusted
  • All bolts torqued to manufacturers specification
  • Tyres inflated to recommended pressure
  • Seat post removed, cleaned and regreased
  • Written checklist and report provided

Premium Service – The 115 Point Check

A thorough service covering all aspects of the safety check but with further cleaning and lubrication aiding to the longevity of your bicycle.

Recommended annually for cyclists using their bikes regularly for commuting and leisure.

  • Frame & forks wiped down
  • Drivetrain (chain, cassette, chainrings) removed, cleaned in parts washer and regreased/lubricated
  • Crankset removed and cleaned
  • Pedals removed and threads regreased
  • Wheels removed, cleaned and trued
  • Forks removed, steerer cleaned. Quill stem cleaned and regreased where applicable
  • Headset bearings removed cleaned and regreased
  • Gear cables checked for wear and lubricated
  • Brake levers and cables checked for wear and lubricated
  • Disc rotors trued
  • Tyres correctly aligned, seated and inflated to recommended pressure
  • Rider setup provided for seat height, position and cockpit upon collection
  • Written checklist and report provided

Elite Service – The 143 Point Check

Full strip down and rebuild – the most extensive service available. All aspects in previous service options covered with further attention to detail.

Recommended annually for high mileage cyclists using their bike extensively or for heavy touring and competing in events.

  • Wheels, forks and all componentry removed from frame
  • Brake cables replaced and adjusted
  • Gear cables replaced and adjusted
  • Bottom bracket removed and checked for wear.
  • Shell cleaned, faced and chased. Threads re-greased upon installation
  • Headset cups removed and regreased. Bearings replaced
  • Wheel hub cups and cones cleaned, checked for damage. Bearings replaced and regreased
  • Frame bearings removed and checked where applicable
  • Frame boss threads re-tapped and anti-seize compound applied
  • Brake calliper mounts faced
  • Disc rotors and pads thoroughly decontaminated
  • Spoke tensions checked and adjusted to correct specification
  • Full rider setup included upon collection, including suspension calibration
  • Written checklist and report provided

We also offer…

Electric Bike Service. Authorised Bosch, Shimano and Panasonic service centre.

Recommended twice annually for all electric bike users.

In addition to diagnostics service, all electrical contact points checked and cleaned and software updated with latest version. Report supplied. For a mechanical bike service please select additional plan from above.

Recommend additional capacity testing for battery (additional charges apply)

Collections & Deliveries. We appreciate how difficult it can be to wheel / drag a broken bike to a workshop and how time is always against us, to help with this we offer a bike collection and delivery service where we will visit you at your home or workplace. We will collect your bike and return it fully fixed and ready to ride.

Bookings: We understand you rely on your bike and cannot be without it, we accept future bookings. To make a booking visit our shop with your bike so we can make an accurate assessment of work required to get you safely rolling again, deposit for work is required.

Brompton: Authorised Brompton dealer and repair centre, offering repairs and servicing across the range of standard and electric Brompton bicycles.

Same day repairs. These include all types of work subject to schedule.

Swift turnaround service. Either make a booking for same day repairs or simply turn up and we will get you spinning again ASAP.

Suspension servicing: Put the spring back into your ride. We are certified Fox service centre but offer servicing on Rock Shox, Manitou, Marzocchi, Cane Creek and Ohlins. 

Go Cycle: Qualified repair centre, offering all types of Go Cycle repairs and servicing.

Shimano Service Centre: We are part of a global network of experts who are accredited with combing excellent bike care with the latest technologies.

Go Cycle
Qualified repair centre, offering all types of Go Cycle repairs and servicing.
  • Brompton
  • Campagnolo
  • Cane Creek
  • Fox
  • Manitou
  • Marzocchi
  • Rock Shot
  • Shimano Steps
  • SRAM

Our Brands

We stock a range of quality bikes from some of the biggest names in cycling.

  • Brompton Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Burley Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Carry Freedom Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Claud Butler Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Croozer Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Dawes Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Gazelle Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Kona Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Micro Scooters Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Pashley Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • PUKY Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Raleigh Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Roland Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • SCOTT Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Squish Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford
  • Steed Cycling Products for Sale in Oxford

Other Services

As well as sales and repairs, we offer a range of other services for cyclists around Oxford.